Total Gym Workouts For Obese People 2017

Total gym workouts for obese people are important because obesity is epidemic in the United States for both children and adults. The Center for Disease Control tells us that an adult who has a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese. According to the CDC, approximately 34% of adults (20 years and older) are considered to be obese.

Along with causing diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and circulation problems, obesity can also sap your strength. Any type of physical movement (i.e. climbing stairs, bending over to tie shoes) can be tiring and difficult for an obese person.
Total Gym Workout For Obese

Total Gym Workouts For Obese People

If you are obese, you really should have a physical exam and the approval of your doctor before beginning workouts. Gym personnel can provide assistance in structuring beginning workouts after a doctor has approved beginning such a regimen.

You might consider planning your workouts before you even visit a gym. Excellent information about total gym workouts for obese people can be found at Latest Workouts In Gyms. Another excellent source is Introduction To Gym Workouts.

Exercise equipment ranges from the Total Gym to BowFlex to the Gazelle to Nautilus and others. While some of this workout equipment exercises specific muscles or areas of your body, you can generally use any of the individual equipment to get an excellent workout. Always remember … the best equipment is the equipment that works best for you.

While equipment can certainly help to facilitate excellent workouts, walking and swimming are two of the best exercises for fitness. If you are just starting a workout routine, you might consider walking for several weeks before hitting the gym. Schedule a time and get into the habit of walking each day. This will help you to begin your road to fitness. You will be able to walk both faster and longer after several days.

HINT: Indoor malls are great places to begin walking because you can walk regardless of the weather outside and because they have heating and air conditioning (depending on the time of year). Comfortable and no excuses!

There are two major types of exercises that when done correctly can help you achieve weight loss and/or fitness.

Aerobic exercises and cardio exercises get your heart rate up and help to achieve proper breathing techniques .

Strength training and resistance training helps to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Your ideal workout program will incorporate these types of exercises. Most gyms offer various classes teaching these programs individually. And many gyms have circuit training that is a combination of all forms of exercise by the use of various machines and step exercises.

Do not settle for difficult or tedious workouts. Gym personnel can offer suggestions – you just need to ask for their advice. Total gym workouts for obese people are easily achieved with a little effort on your part.

Total Gym Workouts 2017

Total gym workouts exercise equipment has been around for years. This type of equipment can be used to target all parts of your body. Used properly and consistently, you can get an excellent full-body workout at home. You can ultimately both shape and tone your physique, and should notice changes within weeks.

Total Gym Workouts

Companies release frequent updates to any type of total gym. Workouts evolve based on the most recent studies of effectiveness. You’ll probably want to take a few minutes to review the latest workouts in gyms.

Basic exercise equipment performs the same functions as the higher-end models. They simply have fewer accessories. If you intend to purchase a piece of equipment, you might want to start with the basic model and use it on a regular basis so that:

You can prove to yourself that you will actually use it on a regular basis.

You can get an idea of additional accessories that might improve your workouts.

Initially, you will spend time learning to perfect your workouts. Gym instructors help to speed up the learning curve, but if you purchase equipment for home use you will need to rely on the instructions and/or video to learn the proper usage. Once your workout becomes routine, it will take just minutes each day and you will begin to notice positive changes in your body.

If your goal is to tone your body and become leaner, total gym workouts can be the key to your success. However, if you find that your home gym workouts are not resulting in bulky muscles, take a look at this information about gym workouts.

Total gym workouts provide full body workouts that not only work specific muscles of your body but also provide fairly good cardiovascular workouts. This type of equipment is generally a good investment for people who choose not to become members of a gym. It’s convenient and you can avoid both travel time and the expense of purchasing gas for your vehicle.

You might consider purchasing used workout equipment because it is typically well-made and should last for years. Regardless of your budget, you can get into shape and see results quickly with total gym workouts.

Gym Workouts 2017

Gym workouts include a variety of machines and exercises (including Weider home gym workouts) to help you achieve total overall fitness. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of workout routines schedules available in a gym.
Gym Workout

You can substantially increase your odds of achieving your fitness goals. Simply ask the on-site trainer, owner, or manager to help plan an initial routine using free workout plans to achieve your goals that incorporates the options available in the gym.

Gym Workouts

Better yet, make a plan BEFORE you make a commitment to the gym. You can devise a better plan by reviewing the latest workouts in gyms.

When implemented into your regular schedule of workouts, gym exercise equipment can be a solid method of challenging yourself and your muscles, while providing some variety in your exercise regime.

In addition to the various weight machines, exercise equipment such as treadmills and rowers can help to relieve stress in your joints while providing excellent aerobic work out gym. These aerobic machines can help to increase and sustain your heart rate while helping you to burn lots of fat and calories. In addition, your muscles will be shaped and strengthened.

Treadmills are one of the most popular items in a gym. While walking outside is an outstanding exercise, walking on a treadmill can be extremely beneficial and a lot of fun. You will generally be able to watch a monitor with televison shows and movies or listen through headphones to a variety of music. This almost disguises the fact that you are working out. Plus, treadmills generally feature adjustable inclines & arm tools as well as a computer that displays your heart rate and the approximate number of calories burned during your gym workouts.

Gym Workout Plan 2017

Your gym workout plan is a critical component of your success for toning your body and losing weight. When you workout in a gym, you have the opportunity to get a full-body workout while having a good time.
Gym Workouts Plan

However, without a gym workout plan, you could easily waste your time and not accomplish anything meaningful. I went to Gold Gym faithfully almost every day for over a year. But, I didn’t have any type of plan and ended up gaining 30 pounds of fat during that time. I was going through the motions without a clear focus on the activities that would help me to achieve my goals.

Consideration for Gym Workout Plan

When planning your routine a the gym, you’ll need to consider factors such as your age, gender, physique, general state of fitness, and what it is you are trying to accomplish. For example, one of my primary goals is to stretch and remain limber as I grow older. So I spend at least half of my time at the gym stretching every part of my body.

My Gym Workout Plan

After failing for more than a year at Golds Gym, here is the gym workout program that I now follow. If this seems reasonable to you, be sure to make adjustments for your particular situation. And, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning new daily workout schedules.

Day 1 Chest

  • Warm-up with a set of 15 light weight dumbbell flies.
  • Make sure you get a good stretch across the entire chest.
  • Proceed to inclined dumbbell. 2 sets,10 reps.
  • Next, inclined flies. 2 sets, 10 reps.
  • Finally, go for cable cross-overs. 3 sets, 10 reps.


  • Warm up your muscles with 1 set,15 reps of standing barbell curls, on a light weight.
  • Proceed to 2 sets, 2 reps of preacher curls and concentrate on squeezing the bicep.
  • Conclude with 3 sets, 12 reps of seated hammer curls.

Day 2
Do not exercise on Day 2. Your body needs to relax bit after 3 days of rigorous workout in the gym. You might consider taking a short walk on the treadmill or stretching exercises for a short while, or go running or jogging in a park or indulge in a sport of your choice.

Day 3 Back

  • Begin with 3 sets, 12 reps of wide grip pull-down. Start the first set on very light weights and then gradually increase the weights.
  • Follow it with 2 sets, 10 reps of chin lifts.
  • Finally, do 3 sets, 10 reps of seated row.


  • Begin with 3 sets, 10 reps of close grip bench presses.
  • End with 3 sets, 10 reps of push downs on a rope or a bar.

Day 4 Day off.

Day 5

  • Begin with 3 sets, 12 reps of shoulder presses. Start the first set on very light weights and then gradually increase the weights.
  • Work out on the rear delt machine for 3 sets, 12 reps.


  • Warm up on the bike or treadmill for about 5 minutes.
  • Leg press. 5 sets, 12 reps.
  • Squats. 3 sets, 10 reps.
  • Leg extension. 3 sets, 10 reps.
  • Lying leg curls. 4 sets, 12 reps.
  • Dead lifts. 3 sets, 10 reps.


  • Calf raises in seated position. 3 sets, 15 reps.
  • Calf raises in standing position. 3 sets, 15 reps.

Day 6 Day off.
Day 7

  • Warm up and begin 20-30 minutes intensive cardio (running, biking, rowing).
  • Follow with 20 minutes of gentle stretching exercises with each stretch of about 30 seconds.


  • Crunches with knees up and crossed at the ankles. 4 sets, 20 reps.
  • Crunches with knees raised, rested on the end of a flat bench. 4 sets, 20 reps.

Be sure to execute the exercises in their proper forms. Do not add too many weights in your excitement to lose weight quickly. Also, do not forget to warm up prior to beginning any type of fitness workouts.

Gym Workout Routine 2017

Here’s a great gym workout routine that has worked well for me. Over the years, I have floundered around with different free workout routines. Probably the worst times were when I had absolutely no plan (sound familiar?). I just went to the gym or the exercise room in my house and just started doing stuff on the gym equipment with no end in mind. After 15, 20, or 30 minutes, I stopped working out and proceeded to the next adventure.
Gym Workout Routines

Gym Workout Routine

Since this gym workout routine is only used 3 days each week, you will not be able to include each body part and sufficient cardiovascular training during each workout. So, you’ll need to be efficient in order to get a complete workout.The neat thing is that you will be performing a complete body workout in just a few days.

Traing programs are typically intended to be completed within a 7-day cycle, the idea being that you would complete one set of exercises each day of the week. One of the benefits of this particular routine is that it can be scheduled on any given day of the week depending on your availability and the days you feel like going to the gym.

Even though you can choose which days to go to the gym, it is recommended to leave at least one day of rest between each workout.

Schedule for Gym Workout routine

When we think of gym workout routines, there are 2 issues we need to consider:
1. The daily schedules we set for our workouts
2. The routines we actually perform once we begin our workout
Here is the suggested schedule for this routine:

    1. Day 1 – Chest, Biceps
    1. Day 2 – Day off
    1. Day 3 – Back, Triceps
    1. Day 4 – Day off
    1. Day 5 – Shoulders, Legs
    1. Day 6 – Day off
    1. Day 7 – Abdominal muscles, Cardiovascular exercises

For each set of exercises in this workout program, you should choose from the equipment available to you. Pick your favorites and plan to enjoy your workout.

You can work each muscle group adequately in a short time. Just make sure you complete 3 sets of 3 exercises for each group. Your entire circuit training gym workouts should not take more than 90 minutes, including the cardiovascular training.

Each of your sets should consist of 8 to 15 repetitions in order to allow your muscles to work adequately. It is not worth lifting heavy weights at low repetitions because this routine is not designed for people who want to build up strength and mass. This routine is targeted at people who want to maintain their current physique while losing a little weight.

From getting to work on time to picking up the kids from school, many people lead a lifestyle that rarely leaves room for an adequate workout program. Staying healthy, however, doesn’t take as much time as you might think. All you need are 3 days each week with this gym workout routine and you’ll be well on your way to staying in shape, in spite of your hectic lifestyle.

Best Time for Workout

It’s probably most important to nail down our daily schedules for workouts because if we don’t fit working out into our schedules, it won’t matter what gym workout routines we have chosen. How often have you blamed your busy schedule as the reason you could not get to the gym? How many times have you skipped your workout (even though you knew would make you feel better) because you were too tired from working all day? Yup, me too!

You’ve got to establish a daily schedule for your gym workout routines. I’ll tell you what works for me . . . 7:00 in the morning. I get up at 6:00 and need to be at work by 8:30. If I start at 7:00, I can get a great 45-minute workout every morning. It’s done, it gives me energy all day, and I don’t worry about trying to schedule it after I leave work.

Whether you choose a home workout or a gym (such as Planet Fitness Gym), you need to hold yourself accountable. After all, if you wear out your body, where are you going to live? Setting aside a specific time every day will make your workouts less stressful because you will already have that time framed for the activity.

Your workout routines can be tailored to meet your specific needs and available equipment. Keep in mind you can get total body workouts without gyms. Try a treadmill workout routine to get yourself started or, if you’re working out at home, simply walk around your neighborhood. Adding a walking program can work legs and even tone abs and arms.

You should always consult your physician before beginning any workout regimen, because they can help you tailor your routine to your health needs and abilities. Begin with moderate walking twenty minutes a day and this can go a long way to decrease your stress load, increase your energy level, and tone your muscles.

The great thing about walking on a treadmill is that you can do it year round in any weather condition. A treadmill walking program can be done as you read the newspaper, watch TV, or make evening calls. Or, it can be a time of complete peace and isolation. Adding small hand weights can assist upper body toning even as you walk.

Your body deserves your attention, and your schedule need not stand in the way. Develop your daily routine today to shake away the cob webs from your body and you’ll start seeing amazing results.

Gym Workouts For Women 2017

Gym workouts for women need to include variation in order to target all muscle groups and to keep the workout from getting to be boring. Whether you are paying for a membership to a gym or working out for free at home, you’ll want to make effective use of your time. Let’s take a look at some gym workouts for women to consider.
Workouts For Women

Gym Workouts For Women


When considering female workouts for the gym to lose weight fast, you will always want to choose cardiovascular exercises. Cardio is not only great to help the outside of your body look better, but also great for the inside of your body, especially your heart and lungs. Music is an excellent enhancement to cardio workouts. For example, if you are walking or jogging, listening to music will help you to get greater enjoyment from your workout, and it will also keep you moving at a pace matching the songs to which you are listening.

Your cardio workout can be more effective if you will practice pushing with different parts of your feet. Try using different parts of your feet while on a bike, the stair stepper, and the elliptical machine. For example, you can work on your quads if you will push using your toes. When you push with your heels, you’ll feel it in your butt and in your hamstrings.

If you are working out in a gym, do not waste time standing in line for your preferred machine. For example, instead of waiting in line for the treadmill go to a stair stepper (where you can actually burn 200 calories MORE per hour than a treadmill). Instead of waiting in line for a stationary bike, use a rowing machine and burn 40 to 50 percent more fat while getting a good upper body workout.

Free Weights

Dumbbells are great for workouts. In most gyms, they are pre-configured in a variety of weights. So you just need to grab a pair and start pumping. You might want to choose neoprene weights because they seem to be easier on hands. Just be sure to spray them with the bacteria agent provided (i.e. Clorox) before and after use to reduce the chance of infection. Adjustable benches are excellent for allowing you to work muscles in a variety of ways. For example, you can work your upper, mid, and lower chest by inclining and declining the bench.

Weight Machines

When you use upper-body machines for weight training (like a Total Gym), you can give your core (abs) a great workout by placing your feet close together or by lifting them off the ground. When you use lower-body machines, you can work your midsection by interlinking your fingers behind your back, or crossing your arms across your chest instead of grabbing the handles. You should also consider working two muscle groups without taking a break in order to build muscles quicker. The best way to do this is by targeting opposing muscle groups, which will prevent you from overworking any one muscle. For example, follow bench presses with lateral pull downs and leg extensions with leg curls. This also works for toning workouts for Total Gym.

Group Fitness Classes

You will probably find that you will go to the gym more consistently if you sign up for one or more classes. There are probably plenty of women’s gym workouts in your town including spinning, Jazzercise, Curves for Women, Pilates, yoga, Tae Bo, and others. A benefit in addition to going on a regular basis is that many of these classes burn calories as if you were running for 45 minutes at a pace of 10 minutes per mile (a 30-minute 5K).

Gym Workouts Clothes 2017

Gym workouts clothes play an important part in your workouts. Gym attire must be comfortable, functional, and maybe even stylish. Marketers bombard us daily by trying to convince us the particular style they are promoting is the best. However, it is best for you if you focus on finding clothes that are both comfortable and functional .. and then applying your own stylish test.
Workouts Clothes

Gym Workouts Clothes

Before you get too far into your search for appropriate workout clothes, you might want to review information about the latest workouts in gyms or home gym workout programs. Or you might get some excellent ideas from an introduction to gym workouts.

If you will not be sweating a lot during your workouts, you can choose fabric with a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex. This is generally the least expensive type of fabric. However, if you find that you are sweating profusely, you will be more comfortable wearing a fabric that wicks moisture away from your body so that your body will stay reasonably dry. For example, if you will be running or participating in high impact aerobics you will probably sweat more than if you are lifting weights.

After you have chosen the appropriate fabric on which to focus, you will want to look at clothes that are functional for your primary exercises. For example, if the climate where you live is cool and some of your workouts will occur outdoors you will want to purchase gym workouts clothes that can be easily layered. This strategy will not only keep you warm, but will also allow you to remove layers as your body heats up from exercising.

Even if your workouts are indoors (in a gym or at home), layers are a good choice because you are able to remove layers as you warm up. Your shirt can become tight and uncomfortable when it becomes wet during aerobics or weightlifting, so you might find that wearing a tank top as your bottom layer is the most practical solution.

The most important apparel purchase you will make is your shoes. You can choose to save money on everything else, but don’t skimp on shoes. Purchase the best quality shoes you can afford which are designed for your primary workout activity. Go to a store that specializes in athletic shoes, explain to the owner the activities for which you need the shoes, and let the owner explain to you which shoes are best for you and why. Try 2 or 3 of the best models, then purchase the one that is most comfortable. And, don’t forget to purchase appropriate socks.

Almost everyone agrees that shoes are the most important gear for working out. There are formulas for determining when it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes (i.e. after you’ve run/walked/jogged 500 miles). I know that I can wear a good quality pair of shoes ($100+) for approximately one year before the soles are no longer properly cushioning my feet. Consequently, I have a habit of purchasing a new pair of shoes each year on my birthday.

My best advice for choosing shoes most appropriate for your particular workout is to go to a store that specializes in athletic shoes. They’ll be able to fit you properly and to give you excellent advice based on their personal experiences. Do yourself a favor and stay away from discount stores, department stores, etc. Find an expert and trust their advice. If it costs an extra $35 to get the good stuff, and you purchase new shoes once each year, it’s only costing you an extra 10 cents per day to wear an excellent pair of shoes instead a mediocre pair of shoes.

Keep in mind that the clothes you wear for workout routines should be comfortable without being binding. It’s no fun trying to workout in clothes that limit your range of motion. And, if you need to make a fashion statement with your gym workout clothes, go ahead. Life is short. Play hard.

Your selection of gym workouts clothes will play a part in the success of your workouts. Take your time and focus on selecting the most appropriate gym workouts clothes.